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Talent Acquisition Industry Insights Report Q1 2022

on April 21, 2022

The Latest Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report is here: Q1 2022

For the last two years, hiring has been a moving target. Now nearly four months into 2022, we’re starting to see more definition around the key themes that are driving talent acquisition strategies this year. Our newly released Q1 2022 report is available for download now, and it dives into just what those themes are and the latest stats around how they’re impacting the market. Ready for a sneak peek?

Compensation is a sticking point
We devote quite a bit of space in this edition of the report to compensation. Salary transparency is becoming the norm, driven by both candidates and new regulations. Negotiating pay is on the rise, with 71% of workers saying that they are comfortable negotiating salaries – up a whopping 19 percentage points since 2018. Signs only point towards candidates digging in their heels further when it comes to demanding higher pay.

Recruiting costs are sky high
On the topic of money, we also share an overview of just how high recruiting costs are for businesses right now. Cost per application (CPA) is up 43% year over year, while cost per click (CPC) on job postings is up 54%. Talent acquisition leaders don’t have to look far to validate the need for more budget, and they also shouldn’t have to work too hard to convince their executive stakeholders that hiring is a priority. It’s on the top of the list when it comes to CEO worries this year.

Ready for DEIB-A?
We close out the report with an update on diversity. We’ve seen the term grow over the years to include equity, inclusion, belonging, and, now, accessibility. We touch on the work left to do when it comes to this topic, including gender discrimination and ageism. It’s no surprise that nearly 8 in 10 companies have increased their DEIBA budgets this year.

Download the Q1 2022 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report to dive into these themes even more, and prepare to tackle your hiring challenges head on in Q2 and beyond.