Q4 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights


Q4 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights

Insights and Trends Impacting Talent Acquisition

For talent acquisition leaders, the last quarter of 2021 crystalized the challenges for the year ahead. It’s still an uphill battle to find – and keep – talent in any industry. Businesses that understand it will remain a candidate/employee market and find manageable ways to cater to their preferences will ultimately succeed. The Q4 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report dives into this reality and provides some context into the trends of the last quarter of 2021.

Some of the highlights of this edition of the report include:

  • A summary of where Talent Acquisition landed at the end of 2021
  • The three big trends here to stay and what’s brand new for 2022
  • Evolving the job description to solve the #1 challenge: attracting talent
  • An update on diversity, equity & inclusion
  • How HR is moving forward, albeit severely short on recruiters
  • And much more