Right Sizing Your Recruiting Team

Right Sizing your Recruiting Team with RPO

What do your hiring needs look like in a typical year?

Are they steady with little change through the year, allowing you to keep your recruiting team constant? Or do they rise predictably with business growth allowing you to gradually scale up your team?

The answer is probably neither. For most companies hiring ebbs and flows as business needs and market conditions change.


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Hiring Peaks and Valleys

The problem is that most internal recruiting teams can’t handle the extreme peaks due to a lack of capacity or skills needed to recruit certain roles.

This leads to a number of issues like longer time to fill rates, poor hiring manager experiences, poor candidate experiences, potential recruiter burnout, a reliance on high cost agencies, and less attention to detail overall.

But… challenges aren’t just with the volume spikes. Down times can create a void of work, resulting in an excess of capacity for your internal team.

This leads to carrying excess fixed costs, and can cause recruiter disengagement, both of which are not good for any organization.

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Internal Team Excess Capacity
Right Sizing Your Recruitment Team Image
A True Hiring Partnership

This is where Advanced RPO comes in.

With our experienced and scalable recruiting teams, we can even out your recruiting needs handling both the peaks and valleys.

No one can tell you what the future holds but Advanced RPO will be the partner that allows you to always be ready no matter the situation.