Project-based: Nimble & smart recruiting.

Workforce demand exceeding your typical hiring volume? Project-based RPO can deliver the expert help you need. This solution is designed for hiring projects with a definitive start and stop, like product launches, location expansions and seasonal surges.

What is project-based recruiting & hiring?

Project-based recruiting is a solid approach to hiring workers for a specific project (one that has a definitive start and end), instead of FTEs.

Your project should have defined goals, tasks and outcomes for workers to meet. And both the employer and the worker are on the same page: this specific relationship will end when the project is complete.

Our clients typically tap into project-based RPO for new product launches, new locations, expansions and seasonal surges.

Who needs project-based recruitment solutions?

For Startups

Fast-moving startups face plenty of recruitment challenges:

  • Under-resourced talent acquisition team
  • Lack of a formal and/or modernized hiring program
  • Unpredictable hiring needs

For Growing Businesses

Businesses embracing growth often encounter hiring limitations as demand surges:

  • Overburdened recruiting teams lack the time to support a surge
  • Specialized skill and industry knowledge might be required to support a hiring push

For Enterprises

Even large, global businesses with robust talent acquisition teams face hiring surge hurdles:

  • Slow corporate hiring processes hinder recruitment efficiency
  • Fierce competition narrows talent pools

Project-based RPO gives your team an infusion of recruiting brilliance.

Our project-based hiring capabilities provide the scale and expertise needed to support rapid workforce expansion.

  • Launching new products and services
  • Expanding into a new market
  • Adding a new shift
  • Expanding a call center or salesforce
  • Increasing an engineering or R&D team
  • Completing an acquisition or expanding operations internally
  • Addressing accelerating business demands


Didn’t miss a beat

“Our company needed to triple our recruiting and hiring output fast. Advanced RPO came in as our partner and didn’t miss a beat.”

– Assistant VP of HR, Transportation Industry

Scale up for project-driven hiring & down for recruiting efficiency.

Our project-based RPO solutions are targeted and scalable. We expand the specific talent acquisition capabilities you need for the period you require.

  • Recruitment analysis and planning
  • Hiring manager training
  • Employer branding
  • Candidate identification, engagement, recruiting, and hiring
  • Recruitment technology optimization and support
  • Recruitment analytics
8 weeks

Average timeline for an Advanced RPO project solution

250 hires

Average number of hires per project client


Project RPO client satisfaction rate

90% return

The vast majority of clients come back

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Get the targeted recruiting support your business needs.