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Cost of job vacancies is greater than you’ve been calculating

The cost of job vacancy is the money your company loses when a position goes unfilled. But that’s not the only number you need to look at to truly understand the impact of unfilled jobs.

There are five major “invisible” costs that should be factored into the impact of vacancies today. This eBook explains what these costs are and what impact they have on companies.

Learn why unfilled jobs are the biggest & most overlooked HR challenge today.

The reason? Companies often underestimate the domino effect that vacancies have on their organization, inside and out. What’s more, it’s very difficult to quantify the cost of vacancies in order to secure executive stakeholder support to invest in a solution.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • 5 “invisible” costs associated with job vacancies
  • How job vacancies impact revenue growth, performance, engagement, customers and brand
  • What these costs look like
  • The ultimate impact of these costs on your business

This ebook will help you answer these questions and arm you with the research and validation you need to face the vacancy challenge head on.

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