The Invisible Cost of Open Jobs: What the Talent You Don’t Have Is Costing You

There are five major “invisible” costs that should be factored into the impact of vacancies today. This eBook explains what these costs are and what impact they have on companies.

The biggest, though most often overlooked, challenge for HR today is unfilled roles. The reason? Companies often underestimate the domino effect that vacancies have on their organization, inside and out. What’s more, it’s very difficult to quantify the cost of vacancies in order to secure executive stakeholder support to invest in a solution.

In this eBook, we talk about five “invisible” costs associated with vacancies in the areas of revenue growth, performance, engagement, customers, and brand. What do these costs look like, and what’s the impact to the business? We answer these questions, and arm you with the research and validation you need to face the vacancy challenge head on.

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