CUSTOM RPO & Hybrid recruiting solutions

Flexible & customized recruitment process outsourcing

Every business has unique hiring needs and recruiting goals. That’s why we offer custom recruiting solutions. Embrace maximum flexibility to get hiring support that addresses your distinct situation, labor market and overall needs.

Custom RPO solutions can solve these hiring problems

Scaling your business with speed

You don’t always need to hire in droves, but having the resources to scale hiring when needed is one of the top benefits of a custom Advanced RPO program.

Improving candidate quality

Custom recruiting solutions can target specific areas of the recruiting process (employer brand promise, differentiators, etc.) to make dramatic hiring differences.

Controlling recruiting spend

Full-time recruiting can cost a lot, especially when hiring fluctuates. Custom RPO can support recruiting when demand is up and turn off when demand falls.

Hybrid recruiting programs custom-built for your hiring needs.

Recruiting programs need to evolve with your business and workforce demands.

At Advanced RPO, we embrace blended and highly flexible recruiting solutions so we can provide exactly what you need in terms of recruitment process outsourcing and oversight.

We integrate with your existing team, providing hiring services where you need it and giving you control where you want it.


Flexible & great to work with

“Advanced RPO has been able to scale up and down with our recruiting & hiring needs. Their level of commitment and engagement with our business has been amazing. We’re so grateful for our partnership.”

– VP of Accounting, Insurance Company

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RPO 101

This video explains what Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is, how it works and the benefits you can achieve with an RPO partner.


The Invisible Cost of Open Jobs


Differences between RPO and others

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