Real Stories of Hiring Triumphs

Today’s hiring climate is no match for under-staffed, under-funded, and under-supported recruiting teams. What it takes is a true expert to understand today’s candidates and challenges, as well as what’s to come.

What you’re about to read are real stories of hiring successes with the help of the Advanced RPO team. Here are three of the newest challenges we’ve helped our clients overcome in the last six months.

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Challenge #1: Hiring Manager Education

In this market, the same old (slow) hiring processes just don’t cut it. While HR and Talent Acquisition teams may be up to speed when it comes to candidate trends, that’s not always the case when it comes to hiring managers.

Advanced RPO recently discovered this while working with a client in the software industry. Our team was brought in to help accelerate hiring, and we successfully sped up the front-end of the process to enable a good flow of candidates coming in the door. Once it came time for final interviews with the hiring manager, however, candidates were self-selecting out of the process. As a result, the team would have to start all over, and positions were taking an average of 67 days to fill.

What was happening? Too much time was passing between initially qualifying candidates and interviews taking place with hiring managers. Most hiring managers were waiting up to 7 days to schedule the interview, and in that time, most candidates were interviewed by at least 3 other companies.

Our team, backed by both data and candidate feedback, identified the exact stage in the process that impacted their ability to hire, and set new targets for turnaround time to schedule interviews.

Time to fill was reduced

Challenge #2: Job Description Disconnect

There are many reasons why today’s candidates are different than they were just a few years ago. Their priorities and expectations have changed. Geographically, they’ve moved, many of them out of cities and into the suburbs. The skills gap has widened, and there are fewer and fewer candidates with the skill requirements for today’s roles. The list goes on.

Yet, not all employers have connected the dots between who they’re searching for and who’s available. Case in point: one company had a particular role open for nearly an entire year with no luck.

The company turned to Advanced RPO for help. The team used a number of data sources to determine that the particular combination of skills on their job description yielded very few available candidates. In fact, all 6 people on LinkedIn who were a match were already their employees.

Our team was brought in to help determine the best path forward. We sat down with the hiring manager to share labor supply and demand data, best practices to optimize the job posting, and reset expectations for today’s market.

Position filled 27 days later

Challenge #3: Managing Hiring Highs and Lows

The pandemic abruptly halted hiring for many companies in 2020. By the end of the year, employers had re-calibrated their business plans in order to move forward in a pandemic world. That said, hiring needs have been far more difficult to predict in today’s market.

For one, the pace of business has accelerated. Companies are having to adjust in real time to changing client needs, supply chain challenges, and other market shifts. Second, the workforce is more fluid. Unprecedented quit rates are creating high rates of change and increasing ad hoc hiring needs.

Advanced RPO helped one client manage these hiring highs and lows without having to adjust the size and capabilities of its existing Talent Acquisition team. After hiring just 14 employees in 2020, they partnered with Advanced RPO to scale hiring, ultimately hiring 230 in 2021. So far this year, they’ve hired over 100 new employees.

The client has sustained a high level of hiring...

The Advanced RPO team knows how to use the right people, data, and processes to drive more successful hiring programs. Contact us to learn how we can help your company overcome your specific hiring challenges today.