The Most Frustrating Aspects of the Hiring Process: A Candid Look from Candidates

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Recruiting is the first step in securing new talent for any organization. While companies are focused on finding the perfect candidate, it is equally important to acknowledge the challenges and frustrations faced by job seekers during this process.

Advanced RPO partnered with Lighthouse Research & Advisory on a large-scale research study. In this report, we explore the findings, such as, the most exasperating aspects of the hiring process from the perspective of candidates. By understanding these pain points, recruiters and hiring managers can work towards creating a more efficient and candidate-friendly experience.

Candidate Perspectives on Today’s Hiring Processes

Top priorities

  • Knowing the starting hourly rate or salary for the position I’m applying for
  • A recruiter that makes me feel appreciated
  • A commitment to helping me grow and advance in my career
  • A fast application process that respects my time

Most frustrating aspects of the hiring process

  • Long drawn out process
  • Not receiving status updates
  • Lack of personal touch
  • Systems that aren’t user friendly

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Access the complete report on Critical Success Factors for Attracting and Hiring in the Modern Environment below.

The hiring process can be a challenging and frustrating experience for candidates, potentially leading to a negative perception of the company. By addressing the issues mentioned above, companies can improve the candidate experience, attract top talent, and establish positive employer branding. In doing so, organizations can foster positive relationships with candidates and ultimately make better hiring decisions.