Talent Acquisition Industry Insights Report Q3 2021

Q3 report image

The Q3 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report is here.

One thing that’s certain is that today’s hiring plans must be more fluid and flexible than ever. With the labor market changing so quickly, leaders need to step back, analyze trends, and pivot their strategies on a continual basis. Our quarterly Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report is a powerful tool that arms HR leaders with the information they need to make strategic hiring decisions. Our Q3 2021 report is available for download now

Here’s a few of this edition’s highlights:

The Great Reprioritization AND Sansdemic

Arguably the biggest talent headline of Q3 was The Great Resignation, or what we would call the Great Reprioritization. We share in the report that more than 25 million people quit their jobs in the first seven months of 2021, and that number continues to rise as companies offer big incentives to passive candidates. The newest phrase to hit our industry is The Great Sansdemic, a phrase that means “without people” and refers to the demographic drought that is projected to worsen throughout the century. Simply put, we don’t have enough people, period, to fill roles. 

3 Rising Recruiting Trends

We devote a section of this quarter’s report to the recruiting strategies and tactics that are serving companies well as they fight for talent. These are pay transparency, internal mobility and social recruiting. As it relates to the first mentioned above, 12% of job listings offered salary information in Q2. While still a relatively small percentage, many experts predict this number will rise as companies become more transparent and open in an attempt to attract candidates. For the last trend, social recruiting, don’t miss our callout on TikTok as the future of hiring – the stats speak for themselves.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’s Impact on Hiring

DEI continues to be a huge focus for talent acquisition teams. While in the past we’ve seen little movement, we’re starting to see some progress being made, and thus uncovering some best practices, when it comes to creating inclusivity in the hiring process. In the report, we share seven ways to create more inclusive job listings followed by some key steps to developing an interview process supportive of DEI efforts.

Download the Q3 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report to learn more about these issues and trends.