Talent Acquisition Industry Insights Report Q4 2021

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Diving Into the Q4 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report.

There’s a tendency in a new year to start fresh. While there’s certainly a lot to be gained from starting with a clean slate, the reality is that there are many lessons learned from 2021 that Talent Acquisition leaders can use to improve this year. Our newly released Q4 2021 report is available for download now, giving you the information you need to make the best hiring decisions this year.

The report includes a look back at the biggest learnings from the last quarter of 2021, as well as how those events are shaping the strategies developed for the year ahead.

3 trends here to stay and 3 still unproven

As Talent Acquisition leaders, we have the power of data at our fingertips. The report dives into three big trends that are continuing to drive the talent market this year: candidates’ affinity for remote work, rising pay rates to compete for talent, and the loosening of education requirements. Three more trends on the rise? Newer social media recruiting, an increased focus on employee recognition, and conducting stay interviews.

HR’s own talent dilemma

How’s this for shocking: there are more open job requisitions for recruiters than there are for software developers. HR leaders are struggling to fill their teams with the resources needed to reach their headcount goals. While just 7% of companies indicated they were using outside recruiting support, in 2021 that number climbed to 21%.

2022 hiring priorities

Last year recruiting was the #1 priority, and this year it’s… recruiting, again. There’s no end in sight to the talent attraction and retention issues faced by businesses. Two resolutions? Data-driven recruitment and automated candidate nurturing. The biggest move on the priority list was that employee experience rose to #2. It’s not surprising, given The Great Resignation is happening and impacting companies in all industries across all roles. Companies are responding with a big focus on wellbeing and focusing on internal mobility.

Download the Q4 2021 Talent Acquisition Industry Insights report in order to make better decisions for your team in the year ahead.