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How a global automation and electronic component manufacturer achieved optimal hiring results.

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A global leader in the field of automation and electronic components.

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Recruiting & Hiring Challenges

This company’s operations are global with its headquarters based in Japan. They identified a need for a strategic and long-term partner for US and Canadian hiring, as their internal program was struggling to cover the varied nature and overall volume of positions. This, coupled with operating in areas where the candidate market was very challenging, left them with a gap in hiring that their internal team was unable to cover.

Up to this point, contract recruiters had been used, but the quality and consistency of work was not satisfactory. These contract resources were hard to retain, and they never completely became part of the team. After an RFP, they chose to partner with Advanced RPO to allow for a broad scope of recruiting expertise, a dedicated team, and a focus on partnership to drive continuous improvements.

How Advanced RPO Addressed Challenges

The best RPO partnerships start with a focused implementation. The implementation team at Advanced RPO worked closely with the client stakeholders to understand current state, processes, and any hiring nuances in order to map out the ideal future state. This implementation also included detailed change management that set the tone for the partnership, as well as the enculturation of the Advanced RPO team so they can act as a direct extension of the client. The output of implementation was a detailed and client specific standard operating procedure (SOP) manual that allows Advanced RPO to provide repeatable results across all hiring.

To support the client, a dedicated team of recruiters was aligned, along with a scalable support team to provide flexibility and ensure quick candidate responses. This flexibility and scalability are crucial to cover all US and Canadian hires across all levels of roles ranging from hourly warehousing to sales, to automation and engineering.

As the partnership progresses, Advanced RPO continues to improve the relationship between talent acquisition and the business. This includes flexing resources aligned to them by up to 50% at times, to account for increases and decreases in hiring needs. It also includes working with the client to optimize their ATS to provide more strategic reporting capabilities that can fuel key decisions along with providing data for continuous improvement efforts.

Advanced RPO received a 10 out of 10 Net Promoter Score from this client.

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The Difference Advanced RPO is Making

By providing an agile and scalable team that has the expertise, tools and cultural knowledge of the client, we have been able to insulate them from ebbs and flows in the economy and provide them with top talent, on-time. Our commitment to results and the partnership has allowed us to provide some striking advantages to the client.

Highlights & Outcomes


reduced time to fill (TTF) by nearly 25% by focusing on passive candidate sourcing and implementing a standard operating procedure for recruiting.


provided scalable support by adjusting the team size up to 50% to ensure client needs were met, no matter the hiring volumes, and with no change to the cost of service.


received 100% positive feedback on the implementation process setting the tone for a positive partnership and a successful hiring program.

Tight Market Success

managed hiring across a large volume of locations,
including notoriously tight markets like Silicon


both Hiring Manager and Candidate satisfaction
rates have remained at or above target levels.


73% of hires since the inception of the program were passively sourced.

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