Creating a Recruiting Function From Scratch

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How a leading software and payments company partnered with Advanced RPO to build a high-performing recruiting function.

Check out the difference a partnership with Advanced RPO made for this client.

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A financial process automation, procurement, and asset management services company.

Recruiting & Hiring Challenges

The business was growing through acquisitions and increased market demand, which meant hiring needs were inconsistent. They did not have an internal Talent Acquisition department and relied heavily on agencies which were straining their recruiting budgets. The question they were faced with was whether to build an inhouse function or to outsource recruiting. Looking at the inconsistent nature of their hiring, it made sense to outsource, but an option outside of agencies was needed to provide continuity, results, and cost savings. To achieve all of these things, they chose to partner with Advanced RPO.

How Advanced RPO Addressed Challenges

Advanced RPO built a comprehensive end-to-end recruiting process for the client, including bringing in an ATS as they did not previously have one. The recruiting process had to cover all hiring for corporate and operational roles, including both non-exempt and exempt hiring. Initial hiring volumes were around 30 hires per year and consistently grew to nearly three times that. The only downturn was during Covid, at which time the client was able to avoid carrying excess recruiting costs due to their pay-for-performance partnership with Advanced RPO.

Along with process and technology, a full team was trained and aligned to support the company. Additional resources beyond the core team were trained to assist in handling any unforeseen upticks in hiring. Being the roles in scope were varied and spread across several disciplines, Advanced RPO was able to lean into the broader skill set of their team to fill niche roles that traditionally would go to agency.

The company’s roles were also very geographically diverse with their operations being spread across the US. This required Advanced RPO to work across all time zones, and during hours that were most convenient for both candidates and hiring managers.

As the partnership matured, Advanced RPO continued to grow with them providing the flexibility and expertise needed to remain competitive in the ever-changing recruiting market.

“Very responsive. Great customer service. A good extension of our team!”

– Advanced RPO client feedback

The Difference Advanced RPO is Making

By providing an agile and scalable team that has the expertise, tools and cultural knowledge of the client, we have been able to insulate them from ebbs and flows in the economy and provide them with top talent, on-time. Our commitment to results and the partnership has allowed us to provide some striking advantages to the client.

Highlights & Outcomes

Built a complete recruiting function from scratch including people, process, and technology.

Improved submittal to hire ratio by focusing on Hiring Manager relationships.

Consistently met or exceeded time-to-fill goals while greatly reducing agency usage and fees.

Provided support for hiring needs from entry level
non-exempt up to the CHRO

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