Building a Scalable End-to-end Recruiting Function

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How a medical equipment supplier teamed up with Advanced RPO to obtain a scalable and successful hiring program.

Check out the difference a partnership with Advanced RPO made for this client.

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A medical imaging company in the US that provides both fixed and mobile solutions.

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Recruiting & Hiring Challenges

This company was growing as it signed new client contracts and their talent acquisition structure was unable to support the growth. Hiring was handled through a combination of internal HR resources, and a heavy reliance on agencies. This left the organization very reactionary and kept them from maximizing their revenue potential.

After signing their biggest contract to date with a large network of hospitals, they needed a more effective and scalable recruiting program. Advanced RPO possessed the expertise and agility they needed, and a partnership was formed.

How Advanced RPO Addressed Challenges

Since the company did not have an internal recruiting function, efforts were decentralized and heavily rooted around agency hiring. Therefore, process design and change management were top priorities to ensure program success. Advanced RPO was able to build out an end-to-end recruiting process based on the needs of the client, while maintaining the client ATS as the system of record. An emphasis was put on building hiring manager relationships to reinforce the value of the new processes and centralized approach to recruiting.

Candidate care was elevated by bringing standard communication practices, more personal touch, and a centralized responsibility for recruiting results. The Advanced RPO team brought with them recruitment skills and experience, along with detailed knowledge of this company’s culture and processes thanks to comprehensive training in these areas.

By the time implementation was complete, the client had a fully functioning recruiting team, allowing them to act more strategically while providing a level of scalability that could not have been built in-house.

While most of their hires are operational, like technologists, diagnostic imaging aids, call center reps., and CDL drivers, Advanced RPO also supports corporate and niche hires as needed.

No matter the level of the opening or the type of role, the company is able to rely on Advanced RPO to provide results that continue to fuel the growth of their business.

“Our Account Director listens! She knows our pain points and thinks outside the box for solutions.”

– VP of HR

The Difference Advanced RPO is Making

By providing an agile and scalable team that has the expertise, tools and cultural knowledge of the client, we have been able to insulate them from ebbs and flows in the economy and provide them with top talent, on-time. Our commitment to results and the partnership has allowed us to provide some striking advantages to the client.

Highlights & Outcomes

Built a fully functioning end-to-end recruiting program using the client ATS as the system of record.

Executed a sourcing strategy that leverages passive
candidates, referrals, networking,
and school

Scaled outsourced recruiting efforts to accommodate an almost 51% increase in hires between 2021 and 2022.

Developed meaningful relationships with hiring managers resulting in 100% positive satisfaction surveys.

Eliminated the majority of recruiting agency usage.

Optimized all job postings and recruitment marketing materials.

Decreased time-to-fill across all job types.

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