Medical Insurance Recruitment Transformation & Optimization

How an agile talent acquisition infrastructure helped one Advanced RPO client improve time-to-fill by 57% and achieve 94% hiring manager satisfaction.

The Advanced RPO Client

A not-for-profit health maintenance organization (HMO) insurance company serving over 25,000 New England-based members.

Recruiting Challenges

It was a pivotal year for this medical insurance provider. The company’s growth accelerated and it was time to start investing in talent, including a 75+ employee workforce expansion.

The CHRO had been an Advanced RPO client at a previous employer and reached out to discuss a recruitment partnership, in lieu of building out an internal function. Not long after conversations began, Advanced RPO was selected as the partner to address both the immediate recruiting needs while helping the organization develop a long-term talent acquisition strategy for optimizing:

  • Critical workforce outcomes
  • Talent quality
  • New hire diversity
  • Time to hire
  • Recruitment technology

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  • Partnership started in 2016
  • Average annual hires: 110
  • Reduced time-to-fill by 96 days
  • Exceeding diversity hiring targets every year
  • Hiring manager satisfaction: 96%

The RPO Solution

As with every engagement, Advanced RPO started with a comprehensive discovery process. This process allows us to fully understand the current client state while working with key client stakeholders to define and develop their ideal state (people, process and technology) and optimize workforce outcomes.

In this instance, this extensive discovery process revealed two important opportunities:

  1. Updating recruiting profiles to better meet HR and hiring manager objectives
  2. Leveraging years of recruitment data to establish new recruitment performance goals

Advanced RPO identified an Account Manager with the appropriate experience to lead the strategy and execution of the partnership. The Account Manager then identified a core team of experienced sourcers, recruiters and talent acquisition coordinators that best aligned culturally with the client. Advanced RPO also trained a scalable resource pool of support specialists to augment the core team as hiring demand fluctuated.

Advanced RPO started by aligning with our current situation and designed the solution from there. They met us where we were at and always have as we face new challenges and needs. That’s how they are able to continue to exceed our expectations.

– Client’s CHRO

Continued RPO Partnership

Since the start of the engagement, the client has faced new challenges every year and leveraged Advanced RPO’s team to address each one, including:

  • Identifying & implementing an ATS that integrated with the HRIS
  • Managing and communicating hiring freezes and budget cuts
  • Improving diversity recruitment and retention
  • Expanding the workforce to meet growth surges

The agile talent acquisition infrastructure provided by Advanced RPO has been essential to ensuring the client can produce the talent needed to deliver steady business outcomes despite changing workforce demands.

RPO Results

Here’s a look at the difference we’re making. Advanced RPO has been providing talent acquisition peace of mind for this medical insurance leader since 2016. Over that time period, the client has:

  • Increased candidate satisfaction to 96%
  • Exceeded diversity hiring goals each year

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