Developing a Hiring Solution Plan: Improve Your Talent Acquisition Success in 10 Simple Steps

Group of office professionals in an open office space having a meeting.

Before creating a hiring solution plan, we recommend assessing the aspects of your current hiring solution plan in order to build off potential opportunities.

Developing and implementing a strategic hiring plan is critical to your hiring program’s success. Current program auditing, goal mapping and proper vendor selection are just a few of the key stepping stones to creating a winning plan. With unemployment remaining at record-lows, recruiting is more competitive than ever, forcing companies to become more strategic in soliciting talent. Here’s how to rise ahead of the competition and start achieving your goals:

10-Step Hiring Plan

Step #1
Utilize the initial 11-Step Assessment to identify hiring solutions catered to your business strategy.

Step #2
Audit your current hiring structure, and review how well it’s currently performing. Reach out to hiring managers and candidates for ongoing feedback.

Step #3
Meet with a Hiring Consultant to better understand industry best practices and how your business can improve.

Step #4
Identify team goals, skill sets, opportunities for improvement, and “latest and greatest” technology and tools.

Step #5
Identify various hiring solution options to understand which will work best for a long-term strategy.

Step #6
Create a visual map of the hiring solution best fit for your business. Pinpoint how it will impact your organization and what type of experience you want your team to deliver. Align the process to accomplish these objectives.

Step #7
Plan for change management, and provide the organization with resources on the benefits of the new program.

Step #8
Present your recommendation to key stakeholders and document feedback.

Step #9
Interview potential vendors to vet alignment and effectiveness. Choose your partner.

Step #10
It’s go time!

Despite how much time you’ve given to assessing your hiring needs, a hiring solutions plan is always a great tool to keep in your back pocket. Following this 10-step plan will allow you to have a clear vision for how new opportunities will fit into your overall strategy.

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